25th March

Shaheedi Diwas

Bhai Subeg Singh, Bhai Shahbaz Singh

Bhai Subeg Singh and Shahbaz Singh were eighteenth century martyrs of the Sikh History. Bhai Subeg Singh was son of Rai Bhaga of the village of Jambar in Lahore district of Pakistan. His son’s name was Shahbaz Singh. Bhai subeg Singh learnt Arabic and Persian when he was young. He was close to the Mughal officials as a government contractor.Zakariya Khan, the Governor of Lahore decided to lift the quarantine enforced upon the Sikhs in 1733. Subeg Singh was chosen to negotiate with Sikhs. He met the assembly of the Khalsa at Akal Takhat Amritsar as the Lahore government’s Vakil (advocate). He communicated on behalf of the Mughal governor that the jagir (landed property) and nawabship (lordship) would be offered to the prominent Sikhs. This offer was turned down by the Sikhs. But, Subeg Singh pleaded hard and eventually convinced the Sikhs to accepting the offer. Nawab Zakaria Khan expressed his happiness and gratitude to Bhai Subeg Singh on his return from this successful mission Bhai Subeg Singh had extended his helping hand to Zakaria Khan on some other occasions. Towards the end of Zakariya Khan’s regime, Subeg Singh was appointed kotwal (police inspector) of the city of Lahore. During his tenure as police offices he ensured peace and security to the people. Because of his conduct and human approach, residents of Lahore and Governor Zakaria Khan held him in high esteem.Yahiya Khan, who succeeded his father, Zakariya Khan, as the governor of Lahore, turned hostile to Subeg Singh. He entertained complaints against him. Subeg Singh was finally charged with acts prejudicial to Islam and to the State in1745.His son, Shahbaz Singh, was similarly arraigned.Subeg Singh was offered the choice to embrace Islam to save his life. He refused to renounce his faith. His son, Shahbaz Singh, was tied to the death wheel, but, Subeg Singh did not change his decision. Ultimately, both of them were martyred with death wheal.Sikhs remembers the sacrifice of Bhai Subeg Singh & Bhai Shahbaz Singh in their daily prayer (Ardas) when we say “Charkadiyan Te Chade” (Sikhs who achieved martyrdom with death wheal)


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25, 2023

Shaheedi Diwas

Bhai Subeg Singh, Bhai Shahbaz Singh


09, 2023


Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji


10, 2023

Joti Jot Diwas

Guru Hargobind Ji


13, 2023

Khalsa Day - Vaisakhi

Khalsa Panth Creation anniversary

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